Some of you might forgot but,

Every Monday & Wednesday between 19:45 to 21:30 we have a trainning session – SO SHOW UP!!!

And answer the damn poll about the Hanuka party, it’s not that difficult!!! Don’t forget to save the file before closing (if you are filling the file directly) – if you are not sure you filled it then go check again!

Party form


One last thing: talk to you teammates, make sure they are coming!


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3 Responses to PRACTICE – PARTY

  1. Nir says:

    Finally no reserve duty! (until next month)

    Leaving Or-Akiva at 18:45 with 4 places.

  2. Jacques says:

    where is the training today?
    Tivon or Bialik?

  3. Nir says:

    Forgot to mention: Kiryat Bialik!!!

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