Practice Today + Charge Down From Spot Kick Rule

19:45 at K. Bialik.

We got a game against the champions and table leaders on Saturday – so be there!


The charge towards a spot kicking player is allowed when “the kicker begins the approach to kick or starts to kick”. But then, “Neither the kicker nor a placer must do anything to mislead their opponents into charging too soon.”

O’Connor did a step forward (which i didn’t see in the clip), and it cost his team two points. I would advice not to try this in our games.


Also,  this is a site you might consider jumping to when trying to avoid getting caught watching porn, I know Gary does:


See you all tonight!

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6 Responses to Practice Today + Charge Down From Spot Kick Rule

  1. Gary says:

    There’s porn on the internet ?

  2. ziv says:


    Can anyone help with a ride from one of the train stations (Haifa/Binyamina/ K.Motzkin)?


  3. Nitai says:

    probably leaving haifa at about 18:30. have to do a stop on the way.

    call me, don’t text (screen is broken).

    Nitai 0547560161

  4. ellibag says:

    Ziv, call Gary – we’re leaving MATAM at 18:45, probably can pick you up

  5. eyal says:

    looking for a ride from technion/ziv at arround 19:00

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