Kiryat Bialik, 19:45

Two practices to our next match!

Today, 19:45, we start running…

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6 Responses to Kiryat Bialik, 19:45

  1. omri says:

    i need a ride from the technion. omri 050-3203337

  2. ziv says:

    Sorry, won’t make it today to practice.

  3. Nir says:

    Leaving Or-Akiva at ~18:30

  4. eyal says:

    hi , i wont make it today (נקע ברגל)

  5. mikha says:

    אני גם צריך טרמפ מחיפה


  6. mor says:

    גם אני צריך טרמפ מהטכניון

    מור 0528782526

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