Kiryat Bialik here we come!!!!

Today’s practice is in Kiryat Bialik

Though it’s a sunny day out there we train as usual! Bring warm clothes to change to after practice and cover your stuff with plastic bags if you got. There is no roof around the pitch!

Nevertheless, please check the site just before leaving to practice for any updates and if you know of someone that isn’t connected to the site, make sure he is updated. Lets make sure everyone knows where the practice is: IN KIRYAT BIALIK


Today, Kiryat Bialik, 19:45 we start running…



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7 Responses to Kiryat Bialik here we come!!!!

  1. Nitai says:

    Leaving Haifa around 19:00
    going through technion gate/ziv. if you need a ride

    Nitai 0547560161

  2. Nir says:

    Leaving Caesarea at 18:30 going through Lev Ha’Mifratz maybe…

  3. Ziv says:

    I bring a car as well, from Ziv/Technion. 2 more seats left. 050-5753693

  4. Ziv says:

    All full. If you need a ride – talk to Nitai, his phone is on the first comment.

  5. ayman says:

    0526895807 אם למישהו יש עוד מקום מהטכניון אז אני אשמח להצטרף

  6. nitsan says:

    למי שעדיין לא הספיק לצאת , האימון בוטל…

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