Tiv’on, 19:45, last practice before moving…

Today’s practice is in Tiv’on as always. This is the last practice in Tiv’on for the upcoming month so show up to both practice and the pub afterwards!

I remind you, we still need some good links about learning rugby!
You sure take 5 minutes now and then to jerk-off infornt of the computer! Since you probably have the porn on your favourites and assuming you are picky about your vidz it will take you about 43 seconds to reach climax (from clicking favourites to ejaculation, buffering of the video included). Another 17 seconds to wash hands, whoever does that, and you are left  with 4 minutes to search rugby at ease… Comment here your links.

Today, Tiv’on, 19:45 we start running…

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5 Responses to Tiv’on, 19:45, last practice before moving…

  1. Nir says:

    Coming from Netanya, have school today…

  2. Igor says:

    looking for a ride from techinon/ziv

  3. shimry says:

    comming with a car from ziv/technion.
    if u need a ride – 052-8700153

  4. ido barnoam says:

    Can also pick up from Haifa.
    Call me if you want a ride (or new material for your favorites…)

  5. ido barnoam says:

    two more places….

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