calendar change


The game VS Hasharon on the 5/11 will be held at the wingate stedium near Netanya and NOT at our home court in Tivon.

This is because on November there is a reseeding of the grass, and we can host (or practice) on our usual court.

The hosting of the game was postponed to 24/12. The calendar is updated accordingly.

On a personal note, i haven’t seen the game today, and i know it was freakin’ awesome(!), so no one is to talk about it on practice tomorrow!


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4 Responses to calendar change

  1. Simon says:

    Sorry to be stupid. I understand the game has changed to wingate but is that on the 5/11 or the 24/12 (in the calendar we still have a game on the 5th). If we dont have a game on the 5th can we not get together on a random field or park and play a match. Even if its just 10vs10 or we just go through match play?
    Also is anyone travelling from Haifa to training tomorrow because i need a lift.

  2. ellibag says:

    Ido will correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know the dates haven’t changed – only the location. We couldn’t host the game due to re-seeding of our pitch so we switched the home-away games with the Roosters (no idea which city they represent now).
    Game on 5/11 is ON! will be held in Wingate.
    Game on 24/12 is on, and will be hosted by us.

    • Ido Barnoam says:

      Yes, exactly as Elli says.
      Both games are still on, and on their respective dates (as listed on the calendar and on Elli’s post), just a court change.

  3. Ilan Bermeister says:

    know this is unrelated, but if anyone comes past zichron mall (on number 4) and doesn’t mind giving me a ride today, gimmi a call on 0529547917 Cheers, Ilan.

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