This Friday, 09:15AM, Nola Socks Pub

This Friday at 09:15AM (AM means morning!!!) we meet at the Nola Socks Pub in Ziv center  to watch the bronze final: The Australian Convicts Vs. The Welsh Sheep Shaggers.

Game starts at 09:30.

Only one rule: Every player must choose his favourite (for this game everyone is either a Welsh or an Aussie) and dress accordingly: red for the sheep shaggers, yellow for the convicts. Hats, scarfs, flags and face painting are also welcomed. A player that won’t follow this instruction will be punished both on the spot and in the EOSP.

RSVP in comments! attendance is as important as for training (but instead of running to earn the beer we just skip right to the fun part)

You know the drill about the rides.

This message is addressed to all types of Wild Boars (Lady, Junior and regular)

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8 Responses to This Friday, 09:15AM, Nola Socks Pub

  1. Nir says:

    In for the Welsh.
    Lets see what you got Quade…

  2. lior says:

    i’m in also.

  3. Ido Barnoam says:

    Wallabies are bigger then sheep, no way the welsh can mount them!
    Aussies for the win.
    In of course

  4. Ziv says:

    In for the Welsh! (well, at least for Gary’s mom).

  5. jochi says:

    See you there

  6. haifarugby1 says:

    Nitzan, Simon and Shiri RSVP’d on facebook

  7. Simon Filson says:

    I’m in. No way I can support the Aussies

  8. ellibag says:

    I’m in. No way I can support Gary’s team.
    Simon, I’m coming from Zichron so if you need a ride give me a call tomorrow around 08:00.

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