RWC 2011 SPOILER ALERT!!!! Don’t read if you plan on watching the rerun for the semi-finals!!!

If you haven’t seen the semi’s and you plan to so all you need to know is that tomorrow you gotta be in practice!!!

Only practice this week…

For the rest of you…

15 frog-eaters dressed in blue got on-the-pitch tickets last Saturday morning to watch Alain Rolland rob Wales from their rightfully-earned place in the final after only 20 minutes of play. Alain drew the red card faster than The Kid at a shoot-out in the wild west and not only dictated the end result but also sent Warburton off even from the Bronze Final (3rd-4th places). The french cocks did nothing to deserve their qualification as  they played 60 minutes with an extra man and ended up with 9 lousy points and nearly losing the game. Wales’ Halfpenny probably won’t fall asleep for a couple of days after missing the game-winning-tough-but-possible penalty from 50 meters and Stephen Jones chickened out from a crazy-but-must drop kick attempt to win the game in its final seconds. The only comfort is that the result set up a payback chance for the AMAB (All Mighty All Blacks).

In the second semi final everything was different, easily 80 minutes of the best rugby of this world cup but in the end it was all about who wanted it more and there was no doubt about the answer: The New Zealand’s forwards! Crushing in defense, clearing rucks like D9-s over a dune of sand and being everywhere anytime the forwards dressed in black didn’t leave the convicts a chance. It looked like Australia is losing in all fronts:
Quade Cooper woke up too little too late Vs. young Aaron Cruden with a very solid performance tackling anything on his way and the convicts sure did targeted him in offense.
Ioane almost scored a try that could have changed everything but was carried back by Kaino only to lose the ball a couple of phases later Vs. Kahui’s strong tackles (ask Cooper).
O’Connor was practically invisible Vs. Cory Jane as the Man Of The Match.
Pocock fought bravely till the end but what can you do against the broken-footed-never-dying-ever-tackling All Blacks’ Richie “Captain Tackles” McCaw?
The convicts had what it takes but fell short in their performance while the blackness showed up even better than anyone expected.

Next Sunday is the final. New Zealand and France have a history between them so this match must be interesting! Will the All Blacks choke? Will the French show up this time? One thing is certain: A lot of bodies will be on the line for that match and only one captain will get to raise the trophy.

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3 Responses to RWC 2011 SPOILER ALERT!!!! Don’t read if you plan on watching the rerun for the semi-finals!!!

  1. Nir says:

    Just got myself two six-packs!!!!

    Dwayne, you owe for South Africa
    Ofer, you owe me for Australia

    Did you really believe that they are any match???

    • Gary says:

      The way you drink, those six-packs will last you until the next RWC

      • Nir says:


        And maybe if I’ll drink one every RWC than I will get to drink the last one during the next semi final Wales will play…

        Oh wait… That’s only once every 24 years so I can drink two per RWC and still make it… Lucky me!

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