RWC semi-finals are coming up and practice today!!!

The Frog-eaters beat Martin soon-to-be-sacked Johnson’s roses

The Blackness have nearly made it against the ever-beating-hearted Pumas

Little Shane & Big Roberts have tackled the ginger out of that useless O’Gara and said goodbye for the last time to the honorable Old’Driscoll

Quade Cooper slept through the 147 tackles made by the convicts to send those touch-playing gazzels and their poor 53 tackles back to Mandella

And we meet this evening in Tiv’on for the only practice this week at 19:45 we start running…

Kudos to Elli for the following rugby lesson:

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6 Responses to RWC semi-finals are coming up and practice today!!!

  1. omri says:

    I am looking for a ride from Haifa. Omri 050-3203337

  2. eli, yael friedman says:

    anyone coming late to practice today and can pick up Tom from lev-hamifraz at 19:50-20:00
    thanx 054-7820442

  3. הי,
    אנחנו הבנות נשמח לטרמפ מהטכניון/ ממרכז זיו / מהדר / מהצ’ק פוסט

    למי מכם יש מקום פנוי ברכב?

    מיכל שוקרון

  4. Ilan Bermeister says:

    Is that video a joke??? That ruck was in no way formed and that was a perfectly good tackle!

  5. Ziv says:

    I can give a ride for 2 more people from Ziv/Remez/Technion/Neve-Sha’anan/Lev-Hamifratz
    (Lior and Micha already booked their place…)
    If you need a ride, let me know at 050-5753693

  6. ellibag says:

    Ilan, I don’t know whether it’s a joke or not, but I would expect any player on my team to do exactly the same as the tackler in the video did.

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