SHANA TOVA!!! שנה טובה

May this year will be the best so far and the starting points for the following to be better…


We’ve updated everyone’s pictures in the site’s Active Players section

We’ve also uploaded your ugly faces to facebook, feel free to tag yourself

Also on facebook, some pictures from the training camp

Please do share, tag, like, comment and whatever you can so we will get as much publicity as possible.

SHANA TOVA and we’ll see you all on Monday…

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2 Responses to SHANA TOVA!!! שנה טובה

  1. eli says:

    hello, i’m eli from the women’s team.
    as of this monday we’re starting to practice beside you in tivon.
    i was hoping we could catch a ride with someone from lev-ha’mifratz, two girls.
    i can be reached at 054-7820442.
    thanx, shana tova.

    • eli says:

      also if anyone’s coming from technion or mercaz horev, please call or leave informtion here

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