Game vs Jerusalem canceled


The Game VS Jerusalem that was supposed to happen this Saturday is canceled due to lack of Jerusalem players.

We were thinking about organizing something on Saturday instead (like watching the game!). We want to know if people would come to something like that, so please send me a mail if you know whether you can or cant come.



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3 Responses to Game vs Jerusalem canceled

  1. Ilan Bermeister says:

    Do we get the points???

  2. Ilan Bermeister says:

    just throwing an idea out, why don’t we invite Jerusalem for a friendly and make up their numbers for them? That way their players who want to play get to, and our newbies can get a full 80 minutes rugby under their belts.

    • Ido Barnoam says:

      The thing is that Jerusalem only has about 4 players. If they had a bit more, we would be happy to make this a friendly match (that’s what happened last week vs Ashkelon).

      As for the points, we are checking it.

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