Only one practice this week!!!

Wednesday is ROSH HASHANA and there won’t be a practice (on Wed.), so all must come to Monday’s practice for it is both post-game & pre-game practice all together!!!

We did good on Saturday. Kudos to all the newbies praticipating for the first time and performing well.

We got a long way ahead of us, time to pick up the pace…

Tomorrow, Tiv’on, 19:45 we starting running…

P.S. This post is to replace tomorrow’s post

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5 Responses to Only one practice this week!!!

  1. לאון says:

    מחפש טרמפ מהטכניון/ זיו לאימון היום

  2. Ziv says:

    גם אני גם אני

  3. omri says:

    מצטרף לבקשה!

  4. omri says:


  5. Ido Barnoam says:

    אני מגיע אבל יוצא קצת מאוחר.

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