Game time!!!

Tomorrow at 13:00 is our first match of the season!!!

We meet at 11:45 on the pitch, we have to set up the lines so don’t be late…

All should bring their rugby gear even if they are injured and not playing!!!! We might need to lend our own players who are lacking…

Rides will be discussed here and over the phone, everyone that can offer a ride please state it here. All must make sure they have a ride to the game…

Tomorrow, Tiv’on, 11:45 we meet…

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8 Responses to Game time!!!

  1. Ido Barnoam says:

    Guys, as you’ve probably noticed we have a gallery which needs more photos. So we need someone to please bring a camera and take some so we could populate it.
    Whoever does it please contact me and I’ll upload them.


  2. shimry says:

    if u need a ride from remez/zi/technion call me -0528-700153, shimry

    • Ziv says:

      Hi Shimry,

      I can use a rise from Ziv. Anyway I’ll call you in the morning.


  3. Ilan Bermeister says:

    Could use a ride from Yad Lebanim, but please give priority to those who can play, I don’t mind catching a bus. Also Ido, could you send me the info on where and how i can book a medical exam, if possible I would like to do it thursday or friday in time to play next week (pushing my luck a little but recovery is going well). Also is the game tomorrow home or away, not really understanding the mixed messages on the site??? Cheers, Ilan 052 954 7917

    • haifarugby1 says:

      Home game in Tiv’on.
      Please bring your rugby gear, maybe someone could use it (if that’s ok with you).

      • eyal says:

        if u will get with service cab to lev-Hamifratz, there will be a lot of ppl who can take u
        lior will pass there – 0527907593


  4. lior says:

    i’m not taking a car in the end.


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