!!! TRaiNiNG CaMP !!! ToMoRRoW !!!

Not everyone informed us about the attendance!!!! Please do so ASAP! We have a lot to organize according to the number of players!!!!!
12:00 arrival
12:30 first practice
14:30 resting and eating something light (prisa)
16:00 second practice
18:00 BBQ, beers & watching a game on a bigscreen
20:30 home

Rides: Anyone coming with a car should let Eyal or Nir know. We will pick everyone and return everyone. No need for public transportation (to and from the camp). Who ever needs a ride should write it here or mail Eyal or Nir.
Bring hats and if you got something that can make a shade bring that too.

If anyone knows how to record a game online or has a cellular modem or an iphone with unlimited internet access (so we could watch games online) please inform Nir.

Tiv’on, tomorrow, 12:30 we start running…

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2 Responses to !!! TRaiNiNG CaMP !!! ToMoRRoW !!!

  1. Ilan Bermeister says:

    I have a car tomorrow, anyone who needs a ride from Haifa call on 052 9547917

  2. Nir says:

    I’m coming from Nazareth Illit.
    2 seats available…. 0549149109

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