Meidcal exams 3


For all of those who cant make it on the 20/9 for the medical exams.

We have another two hours. on the 19.9 starting from 9:00 up until 11:00.

The exams will take place on the open space next to the sport unit in the Technion.

The list for the times is here.

Further more, people might be asked to pay 70 shekels for the checkups(we will only know this next week). This goes to the checkups on the 20.9 as well.

Since its still less then the cost “outside” i advise people to try and come. its only 20 minutes, and after a shower its 40 total.


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2 Responses to Meidcal exams 3

  1. haifarugby1 says:

    If any of the students / people who registered to the 20th evening is free to do the checkups on the 19th morning please let me know: I’d like to switch places. Thanks! Elli 054-5-945-540

  2. Ilan Bermeister says:

    you can take my spot, I won’t be able to do it (sprained ankle).

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