Practice, Training Camp & RWC updates

Training camp

This weekend, Friday or Saturday or both, we will (hopefully) have our first training camp. You were all well informed about it so everyone are expected to come, near or far!!!

Ido & Eyal are working their asses to the bone to make this come true and it’s a week before our first 15 match!

RWC Today

Earlier today Samoa defeated Namibia 49 to 12 (First match for Samoa, second loss for Namibia)

At 08:00, Tonga will take on Canada (Tonga already lost to NZ, first match for Canada)

At 10:30, Scotland (1 win) will take on Georgia (first match)

You can watch the games through these links (feel free to share links in comments): (Thanks Dwayne) or (Thanks Ilan)


As always: Today, Tiv’on, 19:45 we start running…

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  1. Nir says:

    New from Alternative commentary for the RWC:

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