Today, Tiv’on, 19:45 – They’re back!!!!

Men, hide your wives!
Dads, hide your daughters!
Brothers, hide your sisters!

After a long stay abroad: Yoni “Good-Looking” Shaki and Lior “The Body” Lavi are back!!!

They might be tired from everyday shagging of innocent European girls

They might have several types of STDs

But today in Tiv’on at 19:45 they will start running…

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4 Responses to Today, Tiv’on, 19:45 – They’re back!!!!

  1. haifarugby1 says:

    Because we’ve had it with you bitching about it…

    We will bring a camera to today’s practice and take your pictures again (whoever wants to).
    This means you have to make sure someone is bringing the uniform shirts and come early cause warmup starts at 19:45 sharp.

    This is the last photo-shoot!!!!
    Cropping the pictures takes time. Doing it again and again cause you blame your ugly faces on technology is just sad… (except Elli’s picture where he came out like a light bolb)

  2. Omri says:

    צריך טרמפ מחיפה 0503203337 עמרי תודה

  3. Ido Barnoam says:

    If its not to late
    i’m coming from Haifa. If anyone still needs a ride.

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