Hi all.

Here are some important issues regarding the upcoming season and the team in general. please read them.

1. The training camp will be held on the weekend of 16.9-17.9. The training camp will cost 100 shekels per person. If someone objects to that, and prefers not to come, please send me an email saying so.

2.We are starting to raise money for the team. Non students, please bring 500 shekels. students (and people under 18) please bring 250, for next practice.

3.The checkups for the upcoming season will be held on the week of the 18.9. the exact date will be given later on, Please keep this in mind.

If someone dosent understand something, let me know.


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  1. Ziv says:

    I´ll be back in Israel only on the 19th of Sep., so I`ll miss the training camp.

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