Practice, Today, Tiv’on, we start at 19:45.

If you want your picture taken arrive early! We start running at 19:45.

A reminder from last time:

Rides and others…

If anyone can offer a ride or needs a ride for practice he should post a comment here!

Comments on posts are not sent to the entire group! This way we don’t spam everyone’s mail.
If you need a ride just read the post (on the website) and look for someone offering. If no offers appear then write a request (using comment) and you can even check the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” checkbox and you will be notified if someone picks up the glove or is in the same spot.

Please, if you can offer a ride then comment your offer with a phone number or follow up somehow cause as mentioned before:

See you all at practice…

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5 Responses to Practice, Today, Tiv’on, we start at 19:45.

  1. Nir says:

    Leaving Caesarea at 18:50. I think we got 3 spaces (Ravid is the ride)

    יוצאים מקיסריה ב18:50, 3 מקומות פנויים. רביד הנהג

  2. rugby1haifa1women says:

    have a great time 🙂 we have fitness training at the technion at 19:30.
    תהנו! לנו יש אימון בטכניון בשעה 19:30.

  3. עמרי סנש says:

    Omri and Eyal (both of us are new) are looking for a ride from haifa and back.
    let me know if someone have 2 free seats. call 050-3203337 (omri) or leave here a massage. thanks!

    עמרי ואייל (שני חדשים בקבוצה) מחפשים טרמפ מחיפה וחזור
    . אם למישהו יש שני מקומות פנויים שיתקשר אליי 050-3203337 (עמרי) או שישאיר פה הודעה. תודה!

  4. shimry says:

    need a ride from remez/ziv. 052-8700153

  5. igor says:

    I need a ride as well from ziv/technion 050-7179186

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